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A flight simulation game that looks quite real OS. Mac OS X is no mouse control so you're restricted to A, W, X and D on the keyboard to control the craft.
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Unfortunately, for now, this simulator only works with PC's meaning Mac users will have to find an alternative. At least we have the mobile version! Liftoff FPV Simulator. For all you quad lovers out there, Liftoff is a an FPV simulator that has been known to take total beginners and turn them into skilled real-life pilots in days. The simulator uses real-world physics simulation to provide a great experience for experienced and novice quad flyers alike. There are a bunch of different maps, quad models and modes to choose from.

Alex and Stefan did a live stream on Facebook not that long ago when they were learning some new moves on Liftoff. They agree that a simulator like this really is the best way to get into FPV; it eliminates the problems of costly repairs and time spent setting up your gear. Of course, the game doesn't replace the actual experience of flying your quad in the real world, but it is a helpful and fun tool to assist you.

Hopefully this article has provided you with a few options if you were thinking of getting into a simulator. Even if it's just playing something super basic on your phone or tablet, you'll have a great experience that will be beneficial to your RC piloting skills! Tell us about the simulators you use in the comments!

Helicopter Flight Sim on Mac OS X : Gunship II lite

Get RealFlight X. Get Liftoff. You need to log-in to rate articles. Looking for your store account? Better setups for all helicopters. Expert parameter settings for autorotation simulation. Minor bug fixes.

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Now you can copy chat messages into the clipboard. That's very useful for links. Old chat messages are deleted automatically from the list. Flight recorder: Now also works in OSX sandbox. New Heli: Voodoo Added a dummy heli for guest helis which are not available on the own computer. Ping can be shown permanently Tab Simulator. No seperate activation for online flight meetings. The selected heli is marked in the preview image. A maximum of up to 7 pilots can attend a room, without changing your network configuration.

RC flight simulator

Pressing the "C" key loads the previously selected helicopter. This includes: Crashes on OSX and older graphics chips resulting from mismatched settings, better Linux support cut and paste, web browser start and faster shadow computation. The program code has now completly been optimized for performance. Previous sceneries are not longer compatible, this is due to the new Unity3D engine.

RC Simulator for Mac???

Please delete them from the AssetBundle folder before installing the update. Scenery loader with cache. If a scene was had selected once, the load times are just under 2 seconds. Online scenery loader. Additional sceneries can now be downloaded and stored automatically. The size of the cache is limited to the available disk space on the system partition. Please select in the graphic tab which size you like to download 2k or 4k resolution.

Clean cache function o key to unlock. The window close button 'x' is now at the top right corner. Autorotation parameter curves have been optimized. Input signal jumps can be filtered out. The switch for this is located in the calibration window. Activate this function when using a Spektrum DX6.

Flight duration heli tab. If you fly for longer the motor will stop and you must perform an autorotation. Autorotation simulation. Wind simulation simulator tab You can save the actual helicopter position as spawn point by pressing the "f" key on your keyboard. For the autorotation training you can set the start height on the simulator tab. The 'Logarithmic' zoom mode produces a more realistic zoom behaviour.

Maximum zoom distance is adjustable. Show ground camera mode - especially useful for autorotation training. There is a switch to hide objects which are in far distance graphics tab , please disable this option when experiencing performance issues. Text colours are red for maximum, yellow for minimum and white for no flare.

Improved crash simulation. The Windows version now also has an installer, so your sceneries won't get lost while installing future updates. All sceneries are updated. For most video cards the value 0 is perfekt.

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Then the skid shadows while landing won't be cut off. The bias defines the minimal distance of shadow, where the shadow is calculated. Older graphics cards will flicker bias is set to 0. So increase the value to 2. Optimized rotor appearance. The crash behaviour of the skid is now optimised. A sky grid is very useful for a better orientation in the practice of aerobatic manoeuvres. For aerobatics training you can enable the flight box. The box will be shown as soon as you leaving the flight box.

Tooltips in the helicopter and simulator settings. Now all 4 flight conditions can be switched by a transmitter. Adjustable transparency of the rotor dish. Presets are displayed per flight condition in the helicopter setup right next to the input fields. Table in the MBG Mauchenmuehle is corrected regarding smoke and shadows.

The neXt logo is now hideable. The pitch curve window is hideable. The menus are now less transparent better visible. Heli start point is now determined by Raycast. With this update, the online activation is working again. At A SSL certificate cannot transferred to a new server. There is a flight box which is very helpful for precise flight training.

The lift factor of the main rotor is now also simulated. Left ALT button for menu. Simulation improved after a crash.

Special functions can be operated either via buttons, switches and control. Now you can switch the flight conditions 1 and 2 by transmitter.

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Now already used functions cannot be mapped to any other functions. Demo time is suspended during the calibration process. Special functions can be associated for remote controls and joypads as buttons, switches and sliders.