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I suspect you should not be calling your app "". That looks like a leftover name from an example project.
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Make sure the Bundle Identifier is the same as the bundle identifier you used for the App ID you registered in the Provisioning Portal:. Next, you must point Xcode to the correct provisioning profiles.

In the search results list under the Code Signing Identity section, click the drop downs for the Debug and Release entries and choose the correct certificates. Then, under the Provisioning Profile section, choose the matching provisioning profiles from those presented by Xcode. Finally, make sure the device you want to run on is connected to your Mac, then choose that device using in scheme chooser on the top left.

Press Command-B to build the project.

Audacity: For power users.

The Mac is letting you know Xcode wants to access your credentials. Enter your password and click Always Allow. In this example, the Bundle ID had been accidentally mis-typed. Select Cancel instead and go back and correct the Bundle ID manually. Press Command-R to run the app. In a few moments you should see your app running on your device!

You may wish to skip this in future:. There are many things to do here.

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This tutorial will show you the basic steps to get your app submitted, but if you want the gritty details, you can check out the complete iTunes Connect Developer Guide. The process may vary a bit from country to country. If all of your apps or at least the first will be free, you can skip this section and go right to Submitting Your App below. Click Request. To set up your contact information, click the first Set Up button, under Contact Info. There, you can select Add New Contact.

Add yourself as the new contact and click Save when done. This tutorial assumes that you are an individual developer and have no employees. As such, you can give yourself all the roles. Change every drop down menu and click Done :. Now click Set Up under Bank Info.

Choose the appropriate Bank Country and click Next. If you choose anything other than United States, be aware that the steps from now on may be different. Now comes the important piece: your account number. This is also found on your checks or statements. Fill out all the details for your account and click Next.

You can now select this new bank account and click Save. At a minimum, you must complete the US tax forms. Under Tax Info , click Set Up. You must complete the US form regardless of other forms you may also need to complete.

Click Set Up under U. Tax Forms. Fill out all the required information. If something is unclear, check out the W-9 instructions available for download from the upper-left corner of the page. Verify that everything is correct and click Submit. This may take an hour or so to become active; you may even see a deposit in your account followed by a withdrawal of the same amount.

Make sure you have the following ready:. At least one screenshot is required for each device your app supports maximum 10 for each.

Validation vanquished

This is something that you have to do before you can move on and you cannot change this value in the future. Click App Information. Fill out the Category fields based on your app information. Scroll through the rest of the settings and set any that are appropriate for your app. Click Save. Select All Prices and Currencies for more information about the price tiers. Now choose your desired price tier or indicate that your app will be free. You can specify different prices within different date ranges if you wish by selecting Plan a Price Change.

For now, just add one entry. Click the radio button if you want your app to be offered at a discount to educational institutions when they purchase multiple copies at once. You can also offer your app to businesses at a discount for multiple purchases. When you have what you need, just drag and drop the screenshots over for each device type. Scroll down and complete the the description — this is what the users will see in the app store — and keywords. Consider the keywords; these are quite important. You can only change keywords when submitting updates, so choose wisely.

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Enter the URL for your website support page. It can be a simple page that allows users to email you if they want to compliment you on your great work :]. Skip the Build section for now and scroll down to General App Information. Add your icon — it must be by pixels. Also, speaking of future versions of your app, once a version is released, you cannot roll back to a previous version.

Error “No suitable application records” were found when submitting apps via xCode

Click Edit next to Rating. Enter the categories appropriate for your app. Be honest, as the reviewer can make changes to this section if they disagree. Click Done :. Scroll down to App Review Information. This section is designed to help the person at Apple who reviews and approves your app. Use the Notes area to provide information you want the reviewer to know. Also, if your app requires special hardware, ensure that you explain that here too, and try to have a way for the reviewer to use the app without the hardware.

Complete the contact information so that the reviewer can reach you to discuss things if needed. Finally, use the Version Release section to indicate when you want the app to be released.